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Bingham Light

From: "Kevin Cantley" (
Subject: Bingham's Light
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 12:17:10 -0700

Bingham's Light in Dillon SC is one of the Scariest things I've Ever witnessed. You get off Of I-95 Dillon exit and at the Historical Marker (I'm not sure what the Marker has on it) you will see a dirt road that leads into the woods. Park and walk about a mile or so and start yelling for him. you will know when you are close cause the temperature will drop drastically. His name is John Bingham. He was hit by a train in the late 1800s or early 1900s depending on who you ask in town. He was flagging the train with a Lantern and his lantern is what you will see swaying back and forth. The Tracks are no longer there. I've been there 4 or 5 Times and every time I go, Something wierd happens. 1st Time: The light actually got in my face about 3ft away and I got sick. 2nd the motor in my friends brand new car blew up on the dirt road. (He had only had the car 4 days). 3rd time We bogged a four wheel drive Jeep down on the dirt road. 4th time my friends shot it with a 30.06 rifle (After making sure that it wasn't some idiot out there playing a Joke) and it split and turned different colors.

All this stuff happened in a 2 week period. If you ever go, You will get the feeling that you need to go back. PM magazine that used to be on TV did a Story on Binghams Light.

Just thought you would like to know about it.


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