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Codgell Spooklight

From: (p k)
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 02:28:34 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Cogdell spooklight

I grew up in Clinch county, GA, The small town of Cogdell was famous in South GA and North FL for it's spook light. I grew up hearing the legends of the Cogdell spooklight. It was visible on a dead end road that paralleled the old train track. As the legend goes, the conductor was killed in a train accident and was decapitated. The light was supposedly from his lantern as he searched for his head.

One of my close friends' parents owned the only motel in the county and she tells me that she remembers travelers coming to Clinch county specifically to attempt to see the light. (this was in the early 60's) I have since moved from that location, and have not heard anything about the cogdell spooklight in years. Most of the reports were that the light would follow the vehicle for miles, then disappear abruptly. Cynics said that it was swamp gas or hunters with flashlight helmets. I remember that as a child my uncle and aunt took us one time to look for the light. We would park in the center of the road (remember it was a dead end road) and sit abslolutely quiet. The most recent 1st hand report came from a person I met that had encouontered the phenomenon without ever having heard of it. She had just moved to the area from up north, and to say the least she was shaken by the event, and even more concerned when the locals told her not to worry , "that was just the cogdell spooklight"

If you have any knowledge of the light I would like to hear from you.

Preston King


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