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Chapel Hill Light

From: "mwillis" (
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Subject: Chapel Hill Light
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 21:40:15 -0600

Hi! This is Missy Willis, Tiffany Curry, and Robert Warf from Belfast, Tennessee and we thought since you didn't have a story up about the Chapel Hill Light in Chapel Hill, Tennessee we would let you know.

Well there was a guy that rode the trains into town and got off when the train would stop for him. One afternoon there was a new engineer and he didn't stop by the guys house in Chapel Hill. It was late so he had his lantern w/him. Well, the new engineer didn't stop so he jumped anyway. The train somehow knocked him out and he fell onto the tracks.

The next morning the train didn't see him and ran him over. It smeared his head down the tracks. So now he walks down the tracks on some nights caring his lantern looking for his head he will never find. Well that's about it.

Missy, Tiffany, and Robert

Chapel Hill Light (2)

Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 00:55:17 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Natalie Miller

I read a story about ghost lights here from Chapel Hill, TN. I have also visited the train tracks where this man supposedly roams the night. This place not only houses his ghost, but many others. I have never seen the lantern light myself, but have been harrassed by other unearthly (and earthly) things there. I am a member of the Cencus of the Dead (ghost hunters of middle TN) and this spot is where we began our investigations. The crossing at the tracks is the only safe zone in the area. If you venture to the left or right down the tracks, things become either hostile or protective. The left side is decidedly more hostile. There is a section, about 200 yards down from the crossing, where the land slopes up around the tracks, blocking one in. I would never enter this area unless you are of strong mind. The spirits here love to mess with those who enter. I have seen UFO like lights, huge man-like beasts covered in fur, and reflections of light on the metal tracks. I have been clawed by things in this section of track. I have been followed home by spirits more than once (and I even have a photo of one of them in the backseat). Members of our group have reported seeing angel-like figures on the shoulders of others while there.

This place must be a vortex of spiritual activity. If you ever visit, hope that you arrive when the protective spirits are out, be wary of the local police (altough most of them are very nice), and hope that the locals aren't out. (They enjoy getting drunk and harrassing people with train wreck horror stories and their versions of what they have seen.) Just don't expect to see the ghostly lantern.

Chapel Hill Light (3)

From: "Mike Bishop" (
Date: Monday, September 15, 2003 6:36 AM

This is a citizen from chapel hill. What really happened that night was a terrible accident had happened in a split in the tracks. A signal man had his lantern, swinging it to warn on coming trains. A train came and did not see the man, and hit him. When he went to check out the man, his head was gone. So every night one the railroad tracks, the man swings his lantern, looking for his head.


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